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Patch 2.2 Live! Update adds new Klaw Raid and PlayStation-Exclusive Hero Spider-Man


Discordant Sound Raid, various improvements game systems, and for PlayStation players Spider-Man are available now! If you haven’t yet watched the video about everything coming in Patch 2.2, here’s a quick recap! In our special War Table Deep Dive, we went into the details on what kind of challenge you can expect from our first…

Developer Spotlight: Melissa Altobello, Environment Art Lead


Can you give us a quick introduction about who you are and what you do at Crystal Dynamics? Hi there, I’m Melissa Altobello and I’m currently an Environment Art Lead at Crystal! My incredibly talented teams and I get to work with gameplay, cinematics, and we dabble in menu art from time to time. What…

Developer Spotlight: Senior Artist Brendon Bengtson


Can you give us a quick introduction about who you are and what you do on the team? What have you done on Marvel’s Avengers? (that you can share!) Hello world. My name is Brendon Isaiah Bengtson. I have been Lead Character Artist on Marvel’s Avengers for the last year and a half and have…

Developer Spotlight: Narrative Director Nicole Martinez


  Hi everyone! My name is Nicole Martinez and I’m a Narrative Director at Crystal Dynamics. I’m currently working on post-launch releases for Marvel’s Avengers with an amazing team of Narrative Designers– shout out to Hannah MacLeod, Jessica Krause, and Keano Raubun! We work on the storylines for new heroes and events, write all the…

The Hulk

Developer Spotlight: Scott Walters, Lead Combat Designer


  We sat down (virtually) with Lead Combat Designer Scott Walters, who is currently working on Marvel’s Avengers. Can you do a quick introduction into who you are and what you do on the team? Hello, my name is Scott Walters and I’m a senior designer on our combat team. I primarily work  on the…

Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers: War for Wakanda is Live!


    Happy War for Wakanda Week! We hope you enjoyed our newest Marvel’s Avenges WAR TABLE featuring the King of Wakanda, Black Panther. Read on for the highlights and more details on what you can expect when you dive into our Marvel’s Avengers Expansion, available now as a free update to anyone who owns the base game.…

Crystal Dynamics
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